You should consult with your veterinarian for a vaccination

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There was a tussle between us during the panchayat election, and since then there was an uneasy situation. We knew that the AGP will not remain in the alliance. They walked out of the alliance on the issue of the Citizenship Bill, but our approach is that we will not be hostile to them.

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If we’d known during their interview just how much the bad hire affected those around them, we would havestarted screening a little better. More important, however, is making sure you don’t unload too much of their work onto current employees, dipping their morale even further. Accept that you’re going to be less productive with fewer people, and stick to the most key projects until you find someone new..

The good is always with us, attempting to live through us, but we get in the way. How? We doubt, we deny our own intuition and instincts, override wisdom from doubt that comes when we are caught in the traffic jam of distraction. It was not always this way.

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