Years later in 2006, Mr Hewson appeared on ABC Enough Rope with

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canada goose store Mike Willesee infamous interview on A Current Affair on March 3 that year, just 10 days before the poll, was said to have killed Mr Hewson chances of becoming the canada goose outlet cheap next prime minister, when he was then Liberal Party Opposition Leader.Mr Hewson was unable to provide an easy answer on whether a birthday cake would cost more or less under his proposed GST tax reforms.Unable to properly explain one of his key tax policies on live television, it inevitably lead to voters rejecting the plan as overly complex.need to know exactly what type of cake, Mr Hewson is a cake shop, a cake from a cake shop that has sales tax, and it decorated and has candles as you say, that attracts sales tax, then of course we scrap the sales tax, before the GST is it just an example. If the answer to a birthday cake is so complex you do have a problem with the overall GST?, Willesee responded.Paul Keating, who successfully challenged Bob Hawke as prime minister in 1991, described Mr Hewson reforms as an attack on the working class, famously describing him as a abacus Hewson partially backed down and agreed not to impose the GST on food, which made his package confusing, and 10 days before the election the interview become his undoing.In May 1994 Mr Hewson lost the Liberal leadership to Alexander Downer, with the GST issue dropped from party agenda until the 1998 election campaign.Years later in 2006, Mr Hewson appeared on ABC Enough Rope with Andrew Denton where he reflected upon the infamous interview.I answered the question honestly. The answer actually right canada goose store.

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