top of the table rivals

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Like you said, they don necessarily buy more players from other BuLi clubs than maybe Dortmund, but they buy the kinds of players that hurt their direct rivals the most.Ballack, Z Roberto, Lcio (Leverkusen), Klose (Werder Bremen), Mario Gomez (Stuttgart), Neuer (Schalke), Goetze, Lewandowski, Hummels (Dortmund), among others, were all the best players in direct rivals.If you look at the standings of where those teams were in the year or two before Bayern bought those players, they were always a top side. Leverkusen had come agonizingly close to a treble (before losing all three), Stuttgart had won a Bundesliga a year before, Schalke were routinely a top 3 side, Dortmund won two Bundesliga titles and faced Bayern in a CL final.The reason German fans hate this practice by Bayern is because they see clubs that, if kept together, can be a direct challenger to Bayern, be dismantled by Bayern itself. Bayern is the richest club in Germany, can offer the most wages, and have an aura about them, and so the draw by top players is strong.Every league has a hierarchy where the larger clubs take players from the smaller clubs, but no league really has the kind of thing where the consistently best club repeatedly takes from their direct, top of the table rivals.

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