The transfer of potting knowledge is also considered

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Stick to a sleep routine. Good habits help you get enough rest so you feel less fatigue the next day. Go to bed at the same time each night. The introduction of manganese black and bichrome designs at Tol e Nurabad is particularly interesting amidst the widely used iron oxide pigments and monochrome designs recorded from other sites.The choice of these raw materials is considered in respect to potters’ interaction with their surrounding landscape and in the context of other crafts and productive technologies. The transfer of potting knowledge is also considered, with visible evidence of a range of skill levels and marked corrections and adjustments made to painted motifs on the vessels studied.The use and consumption of vessels in Neolithic Fars is based on the remains of kitchen hearths and cooking equipment, namely clay balls and river cobbles, combined with use wear analysis to show that plain wares were not subjected to direct heat and that painted wares were most likely used in the presentation and consumption of food.The painted motifs and decorative designs created on Neolithic vessels in this study are compared to other excavated sherds and whole or reconstructed vessels and show a broad similarity in apparent manufacture and painted designs. I suggest that this is evidence of the capacity of ceramics to store visual information, and to signify the Neolithic style of design that was actively shared and participated in across village sites in Fars.

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