The fact can be easily established from the recent

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As long as health plays a crucial role for human beings, physicians and their assistants shall remain in demand. The fact can be easily established from the recent publications of the US Bureau of Labor wherein the profession has found a place amongst the top 10 occupations. Not only this, but they also have estimated a 27% increase in demand of PA by 2014..

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When preparing a layoff letter, the first paragraph should be used to explain the employee’s state of employment, and the remaining paragraphs should describe how management’s decision will impact the employee in the near future. The letter should clearly communicate to the employee any information relevant to immediately understand the purpose of the letter and the information should be provided as succinctly as possible. A sample layoff letter can be viewed in Bright Hub Human Resources Media Gallery.

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I really hope he does decide to stay!. Because he will for have over 34 million fans cheering for him if he does stay!!!. Let’s go Raptors!!! We the North!!!.Hartia 1 point submitted 5 days ago100 % get a lawyer and understand what the right steps are.

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