OD a bit more survivable, and his passive

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I really don get the sheer animosity regarding breast v formula either. I know breastmilk is better, but sometimes people would literally prefer that the baby doesn eat at all if the mother can produce any milk. Do they not know babies need to eat just like older people do? When my mum had me, she tried for three fucking days to get milk properly flowing while the medical staff harassed her about it and wouldn even let her consider formula.

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India is the world’s most populated democracy. With a population of almost 1.2 billion people, agricultural output is critical. A good knowledge of when, where and how intense the monsoon will be is critical to farmers to help them know when to sow their crops.

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LTCL Dip. TESOL One of the two highest English language teaching certifications available, the Licentiate Trinity College London Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages has stiff entry requirements of a university degree (in any major), a CELTA or equivalent TEFL certificate, two years minimum work experience as an English teacher and the need to pass oral, written and grammar evaluations before acceptance into the program. This qualifies candidates up to performing as a Director of Studies (DOS) for language institutes, schools and business organizations..

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