Myth 1 Turning the thermostat up high will warm the house more

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high quality hermes birkin replica While some people are genetically predisposed to heart disease, it often develops due to poor lifestyle habits. Problems are most likely to appear after 55. A woman’s risk increases dramatically when she hits menopause, usually in her hermes birkin bag replica early 50s. FrontpageNewsUK World NewsYour MoneyFive winter heating myths that you should ignore if you want to save money on your billsHow many of these common mistakes do you make?Heating experts say it’s important for households to be energy savvy to avoid sky high bills and ensure they don’t miss out on savings during the colder months, reports Leeds Live.OFTEC, the trade body for oil heating, says poor energy use such as leaving heating and lights on by mistake for just four hours a week can cost a home around a year on average.To help people avoid Hermes Handbags Replica expensive heating mistakes this winter, the trade association has issued some advice and busted common myths about heating your home.Myth 1 Turning the thermostat up high will warm the house more quicklyFact: When the weather outside gets really cold, you may be tempted to turn your thermostat up to a high temperature but you shouldn’t need to do this. The house will warm up at the same speed, regardless of what you set it to.Myth 2 It’s cheaper to leave your heating running at a low temperature than constantly turning it off and on when it gets coldFact: Having your heating on when it’s Hermes Bags Replica not needed will cost you money so turn it off if it’s not being used! Instead, adjust your timers so it comes on only Hermes Handbags when you want it to.Myth 3 Turning down individual radiators will save you moneyFact: This is not necessarily the case. If your thermostat is on, radiators will keep working until the room reaches the set temperature. high quality hermes birkin replica

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