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Security News and Articles

A report today from Motherboard details how Facebook and the FBI used a zero day exploit for privacy OS Tails to catch a child predator. The reason I’m specifically linking to it is because of this paragraph:

Facebook told Motherboard that it does not specialize in developing hacking exploits and did not want to set the expectation with law enforcement that this is something it would do regularly. Facebook says that it identified the custodia cover huawei mate 10 approach that would be used but did not develop the specific exploit, and only pursued the cover iphone 6 apple silicone hacking option after exhausting all other options.

That is a slippery slope argument that will be used by politicians, like how Apple does what cover samsung j5 2016 nero it can to help the FBI get into terrorists’ iPhones. “But you helped them before, why not again” More fuel on the EARN IT fire.

IBM Releases Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit for iOS, macOS7:12 PM EDT, Jun 5th, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Link

IBM has released a toolkit cover apple pelle for iOS and macOS to help developers to easily add homomorphic encryption into their programs.

While the technology holds great potential, it does require a significant shift in the security paradigm. Typically, inside the business logic of an application, data remains decrypted, Bergamaschi explained. But with the implementation of FHE, that’s no longer the case meaning cover samsung sm-j710fn some functions and operations will change.

In other words, “There will be a need to rewrite parts of the business logic,” Bergamaschi said. “But the security that you gain with that, where the data is encrypted all cover borchie iphone 6 the time, is very high.”

If you haven’t added homomorphic encryption to your technology watch list, be sure to do so. As I wrote in the past, this type of encryption lets a company perform computations on anccer cover custodia cover samsung s7 samsung galaxy s9 data while still keeping that data encrypted.

Apple Launches Open Source Password Project1:49 PM EDT, Jun 5th, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Product News

Apple recently created an open source project to help developers of password managers collaborate with websites to create strong passwords for users.

Dropbox Introduces Password Manager With Zero Knowledge Encryption10:40 AM EDT, Jun 5th, 2020 . Andrew Orr . News

The Dropbox password manager can be found on the App iphone x cover dünn Store, cover iphone 7 apple ebay offering zero knowledge encryption to cover samsung s3 neo portafoglio paid Dropbox subscribers.

Google Adds Support for WebAuthn on Apple Devices3:16 PM EDT, Jun 3rd, 2020 . Andrew Orr . News

Google is adding security features for people who cover samsung j7 oro use Google accounts on Apple devices to give you more options for physical security keys.

Security Researcher Believes Mac Backdoor ‘Tiny Shell” Still Being casquette pokemon Used11:16 AM EDT, Jun 2nd, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Link

Mac security researcher Jaron Bradley says he believes hackers are still iphone xs max hoesje using an open source macOS backdoor called “Tiny SHell.”

Tinyshell is an open source tool that operates like a shady version of SSH. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered cover iphone 6s protettive a new sample, but I fully believe attackers are still out there using it. If you watched the Macdoored talk samsung a50 hoesje then you’ve seen what attackers are doing “post mortem” with this tool. However, no technical details have been discussed about the malware itself.

Amtrak Data Breach Affects Guest Rewards Accounts8:02 AM EDT, Jun 2nd, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Link

Discovered on April 16, 2020, Amtrak suffered a data breach that affects its Amtrak Guest Rewards accounts.

The attack vector involved was compromised usernames and passwords, which may suggest the use of credentials previously leaked or stolen, or the use of brute force methods.

Amtrak says that some personal information was viewable, although the cover iphone 6 coca cola company has not specifically said what data may have been compromised. However, Amtrak was keen to emphasize that Social Security numbers, credit card information, and other financial data was not involved cover originali iphone 7 in the data leak.

iOS 13.5.1 is Out Today With Security Patches1:10 PM EDT, Jun 1st, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Product News

Today Apple released a 13.5.1 OS update for iPhones and iPads. It contains important security patches although details aren’t yet known about what was patched.

Patched Sign cover samsung a52017 In with Apple Zero Day Netted Hacker cover iphone nokia $100,00010:33 AM EDT, Jun 1st, 2020 . Andrew Orr . Product News

Security researcher Bhavuk Jain found a zero day vulnerability with Sign In with Apple in April. Apple has already patched it.

Security Friday, Apple Card Updates TMO Daily Observations 2020 05 292:51 PM EDT, May cover iphone 6 minions 29th, 2020 . Kelly Guimont . The Mac Observer’s Daily Observations Podcast

Andrew Orr joins host Kelly Guimont to discuss Security Friday news and some updates to Apple Card data in the Wallet app…

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