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34 Ways To Get More From Your Phone

Apple loves to talk about how easy its products are to use, and the iPhone exemplifies that philosophy more, perhaps, than any other. But just because a device has a low barrier to entry and is accessible to beginners, that doesn’t mean there isn’t complexity under the skin.

This article is about taking the next steps with your iPhone and discovering all the things it can do that you custodia samsung galaxi j7 didn’t know about. From advanced security to battery management and custom custodia galaxy tab a6 10.1 samsung notifications, these are our 34 tips for iPhone users.

Computing devices huawei p8 lite hoesje tend to slow down over time, as components wear out, storage and memory fill up with old files and forgotten apps, and new software is increasingly designed for newer and faster processors.

You can put off the inevitable by following some simple best practices, including:

From time to time you should power off your device completely. This clears out the memory.

You should also get into the habit of deleting cover samsung j5 2016 coniglio apps and files you don’t use (photos are a common issue for storage) and archive the latter in cloud and/or local backup.

It’s also worth going through the settings and checking which apps refresh in the background, thereby using up precious processing custodia samsung galaxy j1 power.

Update iOS on your device.

Note that updating iOS has historically been a mixed blessing in regard to speeding up your iPhone, but with iOS 12 this has changed.

iOS 12 is particularly focused on performance. Apple claimed it would make older devices faster and in our tests it certainly appears to have done so.

More tips can be found in How to speed up a slow iPhone.

If you’ve got iOS 13 cover samsung s6310 on custodia per samsung iphone hoesjes e your iPhone (at time of writing it’s available as a public custodia cover huawei p30 beta; it will launch official in September 2019), you can turn on a system wide Dark Mode very easily. This book cover samsung tab 3 gives all the pre installed apps and any third party apps that have built in compatibility a black or dark grey background that’s more relaxing to read in the evening.

To custodia a libro iphone 7 plus turn on Dark Mode, cover samsung tablet a 10.1 open the Settings app and tap Display Brightness. At the top of the next screen you’ll see Light and Dark options side by side tap the one you want to use. You can also set Dark Mode to come on automatically at custodia samsung galaxy j7 2017 originale certain times, such as from dusk until dawn.

If you haven’t yet got hold of iOS 13, there are still some workarounds. You can try Invert Colours mode, Low Light mode, or Night Shift; each of these offers some of the benefits of Dark Mode. Read more in our dedicated article How to use Dark Mode on iPhone.

You can unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint or face, depending on which model you have, but your iPhone cover samsung s5 mini rigide is only secure if nobody can guess your passcode. If it’s 1234 you’re asking for custodia libro samsung a50 trouble.

iOS now prompts users to create a six digit passcode instead of the four digit cover samsung a7 2018 carbonio passcode (here’s how to turn a six digit passcode custodia cover iphone 11 back to four digits), but there is a more sophisticated way to make your iOS custodia cover samsung a70 device more secure: using an alphanumeric passcode.

This means that you can use both letters and numbers in your password, giving you an almost unlimited number of possible passwords, as opposed to the roughly 1,000,000 possible six digit passcodes, which cover samsung s6 edge plus ebay could be hacked with the right equipment.

It’s fairly easy to change your passcode to an alphanumeric one:

Open the Settings app.

Tap ‘Touch ID and Passcode’ (or ‘Face ID and Passcode’ on custodia samsung a 20 X series iPhones), then Change Passcode.

When prompted to enter a new passcode, tap ‘Passcode Options’ and select ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’.

Now enter your new passcode. Make sure it’s one you can remember.

Here’s how to choose a good password.

There’s also a new way of securing your iPhone in iOS 12.

This security change means nobody will be able to plug a device into your iPhone in an attempt to hack into it. It kicks an hour after your iPhone was locked (unless you deselect the setting).

You’ll find the setting in Settings > Touch ID Passcode.

Scroll down to Allow Access When Locked section and you’ll see USB Accessories.

Make sure that it’s deselected if you don’t want devices to have access.

Sometimes it’s not the right time for a phone call; and while you could just let calls you don’t want to take go to voicemail, sometimes cover samsung a40 legno you want to explain why you’re not picking up. iOS let you quickly respond to a call with a text message…

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