I only use the computer if I see something that I must attend

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Henry, for whom the county and river on which it sits are named, established a claim for the area in 1609 when anchoring his ship the Halve Maen (Half Moon) at Harsimus Cove and Weehawken Cove. West bank of the North River (as it was called) and the cliffs, hills, and marshlands abutting and beyond it, were settled by Europeans (Dutch, Flemish, Walloon, Huguenot) from the Lowlands around the same time as New Amsterdam. In 1630, Michael Pauw received a land patent, or patroonship and purchased the land between the and Rivers, giving it the Latin ized form of his name, Pavonia.

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In the winter, the females give birth to one or two cubs. The cubs stay with their mothers for more than two years. During that time, the mothers teach the cubs to hunt.. Trying to claim that selling and renting dead land to people that want to build new business in Portland would be something positive. If you know of any cash positive plans for those areas I could be wrong. Pretty sure I not.

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Obviously amazing work with the armor/props, makeup, hair, finishing touches. It looks amazing but again I would love to see more realistic cosplay, less photoshop effects. Imo it takes away from the cosplay because now I dont see a human being in cosplay I see a CG character model.

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