Gray, 25, was arrested for possessing a switch blade knife

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canada goose black friday sale Chaos, Then Cleanup in Baltimore After Freddie Gray FuneralNational Guard Activated To Calm Tensions In Baltimore In Wake Of Riots After Death Of Freddie GrayBALTIMORE, MD APRIL 28: A boy tries to keep time with a drum line during a protest near the CVS pharmacy that was burned to the ground yesterday during rioting after the funeral of Freddie Gray, on April 28, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Gray, 25, was arrested for possessing a switch blade knife April 12 outside the Gilmor Houses housing project on Baltimore’s west side. According to his attorney, canada goose bodywarmer uk Gray died a week later in the hospital from a severe spinal cord injury he received while in police custody. canada goose black friday sale

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