“Episode 10 7:31Manghoe the drag persona of Humza Ali Mian

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canada goose uk shop But you can live a canada goose outlet black friday happy life and not come out.”For Manghoe, part of that happy life is performing at Toronto events, utilizing their drag to bring awareness to the “existence of queer Desi folk and breaking the chains of toxic masculinity that hold so many of them back from expressing themselves.””I don think I performed at anything that not supporting queer people of canada goose outlet los angeles colour or one of my friends,” Manghoe says.”We don really get the opportunity to shine as much as white queens, so it important that I support people who are making space for us.”Episode 10 7:31Manghoe the drag persona of Humza Ali Mian never expected to become a performer.”I really thought I always was going to be anInstagramqueen,” Manghoe says.”And then one of my friends reached out to me. He hosts a queer South Asianparty every few months it calledRangeela and he was like, we doing a 420 show, you have to perform. And I was like, either now or I never going to do it. canada goose uk shop

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