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6 Good Reasons Why the iPhone 12 Won

The latest flurry of rumours on the iPhone coque iphone 5 et iphone 5s compatible 12 suggests that Apple may actually be pulling all coque iphone 5c moxie of its accessories coque iphone 4s captain america out of the box this year, resulting in a box that includes little more than the iPhone itself. Although coque iphone 4s kendji it seems likely that Apple will still need to include a USB to Lightning cable in the box, there’s now been enough smoke among analysts to suggest a strong possibility that there won’t be a power adapter or set of EarPods in the box this year.

While Apple’s actual logic behind this isn’t entirely clear, we can think of a number of reasons why coque iphone 5 king this could be a very good thing for everyone concerned. coque iphone 5s pas cher aliexpress Taken at coque iphone 5c en forme de licorne that kind of scale, every inch of extra packaging and every gram of extra weight has a huge environmental impact.

Firstly there’s the coque iphone 5 psg packaging itself, which of coque iphone 4 devant derriere course requires materials like paper and cardboard and plastics. Even when Apple is using 100% renewable resources, it’s coque iphone 5s b max better not to have to use those resources in the first place.

However, it goes beyond the simple packaging materials into shipping and warehousing and storage costs. coque iphone 5c disney belle The current Apple 5W charger weighs in at 23 grams, and when you add coque iphone 5s phosphorescente the EarPods, that’s another 12 grams, so that’s 35 grams just for the physical accessories without the additional packaging required for them.

This means that by eliminating these two accessories, Apple reduces the weight of each iPhone by at least 35 grams, which doesn’t sound like a lot by itself, but for 100 million iPhones That’s 3.5 billion grams, or almost 4,000 tons in weight savings per year.

In other words, in one year Apple could save the equivalent weight of ten Boeing 747’s or about half the displacement of an Arleigh Burke class destroyer all just by removing two accessories from the box of each iPhone.

Since it takes non renewable resources like fossil fuels to ship all of these around the world, the less that Apple has to move around, the better it is for the environment.

This would encourage users to reuse their existing chargers, reducing the number of electronics that end up in landfills coque iphone 5 sakura or recycling depots.

After all, once people get used to not having the charger, they’re more likely coque iphone 5s ville to seek out alternatives, and wireless charging will begin to look more attractive. After all, if you have to buy a charger anyway, why not go wireless

The same can also coque iphone 5c jott be said for headphones, especially considering how many coque iphone 5 clapet personnalisable inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds are now available on the market.

However, even if users choose to go with another brand of headphones, Apple still wins by saving the costs and environmental impact of not including EarPods in the box that the vast majority of iPhone users probably never even unpack…

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