And I absolutely pissed myself laughing

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This is not a new email but one that surfaced back in 2004, which actually referred to an event that occurred in the summer of 2003 when Mars and Earth’s orbital mechanics brought the two planets closer than they have been in 60,000 years. This meant that they would be 34.65 million miles (55.76 million km) apart. Not quite close enough for the planet Mars to look like anything but a bright reddish dot in the night sky! Understand that during a typical Martian year, which lasts about 1.88 Earth years, the distance separating Mars and Earth will go from about 36 million miles (57 million km) when the two planets are on the same side of the sun (called opposition) to over 255 million miles (408 million km) when they are on opposite sides of the sun (know as conjunction).

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