This means dusting near it frequently

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See the outside world. Take your work to a coffee shop. Meet a friend for lunch everyone has to eat. This sort of discussion comes from a place of who “deserves” to be recognized when they pass. It is a truly subjective discussion, and I don mean any ill will towards Apple or Steve Jobs. I was just trying to highlight a reality vs morality gap in our society.

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One of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your computer is to keep it away from dust. This means dusting near it frequently, vacuuming, and not storing it in a dark hidden place like a cupboard or under a desk. If you are using a laptop, use it on clean flat surfaces.

Thanks for joining in and all the great questions! I going to wrap this up now but I may respond to a few good questions over the next few days. Good luck everyone with your Thanksgiving and holiday conversations this year. Should be a doozy but a chance for us all to connect with loved ones on what matters most..

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