Madrid high heels race gay pride photos after being banned from the grounds by police

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Madrid high heels race gay pride photos after being banned from the grounds by police

A Spanish university student has taken pride pride in her sexuality after being kicked out of a high school by a uniformed Spanish police officer.

Lara Almeida de Lira, 20, was kicked out of the school’s Gay Pride event earlier this month after telling members of the youth wing that she 더킹카지노was ‘transitioning’ from her female body to her male body.

When he spoke to her about the matter after seeing her picture, he became angry with her. ‘I thought I’d given her a second chance,’ he said, and then began to throw things at her.

Almeida, who has known Lira since they both attended high school, said that before they left the school hall, the officers asked her about whether she was transgender and asked her if she believed herself as being transgender.

Her response left the officers confused and confused. When she said she’really’ did believe herself to be transgender, the officers became increasingly irritated that she was using a female body to perform sexual acts on men and women – including wearing men’s high heels.

But before he could even get the officers to leave, he started to spit at her and yell homophobic slurs at her.

Speaking to The Independent, Almeida revealed that one of the officers even said she knew what gay men were ‘talking about’ because she had a male body.

‘I feel offended. He must have thought we were talking about gay men. He must have said something like ‘I’ve seen the pictures and I’ve known this girl for a long time.’

‘The officer spoke about a number of things and when I asked why this woman was being forced to perform with men and female sex objects she said, “I don’t know.”‘

And jarvees.comwhen he spoke about her ‘transitioning’ from female to female, she responded that ‘nothing makes me feel more sad than to have to ask myself whether or not I am a woman or a man, the answer is “yes.”‘

Almeida has since filed a complaint with the police watchdog, police union Civilian Police, but has yet to receive any response from the officer.

Almeida claims the officer who kicked her had not only been in his uniform all day – which is prohibited by the school and their own policy in that ‘officers must remain on duty to protect pupils and staff members from danger’ – but was also drinking 우리카지노before th